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More About Me


I'm so lucky to have been interviewed by some of the coolest people in the podcasting world. If you want to hear more about me, or find an awesome podcast to listen to, here's some great links.

Shades of White Stone

Mediumship Matters

Emily is a professional Astrologist, Medium, Akashic Records reader and Intuitive Alignment mentor. Join me, Hannah Macintyre, as I talk to Emily about her journey and as she shares her wisdom!

Third Eye Sight

Emily Barnard is an astrologist, medium, Akashic records reader, and intuitive alignment mentor. Juan and Emily discuss her spiritual and career journey, her grandmother's influence on her work, and the dreams they've both had that really made them go "woo," as Emily would put it!

Shades of White Stone

Turn the Volume Up

Excited to have special guest Emily Barnard from Emily + Her Stars with us today to talk about how to use energetics in our business.  There was a time that masculine strategies along with a lot of hustle rules my world but over the past 4 years I’ve really softened and expanded my mind into playing with other ways of running a business.

You’ll hear Emily speak to the things we can’t see along with the history of astrology.  This conversation was fascinating and she even shed some light on what to expect in August.  HINT get ready for some big energy and momentum!!

You can check out Emily on Instagram, her podcast Things That Make You Go Woo , or book a reading with her .

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