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4 elements + 4 aura types + 4 experts + 4 modalities + 4 weeks

Image by James Lee

This 3 hour workshop is a dive into the elements and aura of your cosmic essence. It is the awareness and embodiment of what that feels in your body and what might be in the way of expressing it. Let us guide and support you with individual alignment and healing.

Who Is This For?

For those who…

  • Know that the answers are within and are ready to connect the dots

  • Want to feel the freedom to be themselves and desire to live in alignment with their Cosmic Essence

  • Want to express and embody their aligned purpose

  • Are looking for that last little permission slip to be authentic and honour their unique essence

Meet The Team


During a three hour Live Zoom chat, with all four instructors, you will have hands-on learning through presentations and demonstrations.

What Will You Learn?

In this class you will not only learn new tools to live in a place of more self- love and alignment with your truest self, but we will support  you in applying and integrating  them.

What Will WeTeach?


<Astrologist, Akashic Records, Medium, Intuition Coach>

 will create a personalized chart of your Astrology and walk you through the Elements that influence you in your life.



<Human Design + Gene Key Coach, Mineral Master >

will create a personalized chart of your Human Design and walk you through your aura type (your vehicle), and she will also assign a corresponding crystal to enhance and support your energy.



<Intuitive Coach, Self Worth Activator, Movement Educator>

 will come and connect your Mind, Heart + Body through Guided Movement



<Inner Child Channel + Healer, Shadow Mentor, Lineage Medium>

will walk you through Intuitive Healing via Guided Meditations, Breath-work and Self -Inquiry exercises. She will support you with the Integrations of the Wisdom shared during this workshop.

Workshop Schedule

  • Welcome + Introduction <Mariana>

  • Grounded Meditation + Visualization <Mariana>

  • Astrology + The Elements <Emily>

  • Human Design, The Aura Types + Corresponding Crystal <Lara>

  • Intuitive Movement + The Body <Aimee>

  • Healing Integration, Self - inquiry + Breathing <Mariana>

  • Questions <Everyone>

  • Closing Ceremony  <Everyone (each person will bring the overall message of their work to anchor the session)>

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a replay?
YES! We will provide all registered students with a copy of the live event, within 48 hours of the class.


Can I join if I have no previous experience with these modalities?
ABSOLUTELY! If you have no experience, some or even a lot, what we are offering is completely unique and personalized.


Is The Private FB Group optional? 
YES! While we will encourage you to join the private page, it is not a requirement. In this space we will provide additional support to embody and align with your individual essence.



 “I still feel the effects. You ladies are Divine. I’m doing more research and note taking based on what I learned…I loved the energies of the entire group and session.”



The Leaning – Back Mini Retreat I attended was a beautiful space held by 4 beautiful souls. It was a wonderful balm for the current global climate. There was openness, understanding and knowledge shared on how to turn within and get grounded using multiple modalities. I totally recommend working with these amazing group of women.


Image by Amanda Vick

Thank You


It is the awareness and embodiment of your true cosmic essence that will allow you to lean back, and into yourself.

Image by Ben White
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