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Air Element

Today the sun makes its way into the curious and talkative sign of Gemini. After the season of Bull comes the season of the Twins and while many of you have been feeling the richness of Taurus season, it's now time to start those networking engines! Of course the flip side to this worrying that what we have to share is actually worthy of being shared in the first place. To work with the element of air, I encourage you to get curious about the things that light you up and listen to your own innate inner knowing.

What happens if you don't have a lot of air in your chart? This is an invitation to visit how you share yourself with others? Are you guarded? Do you get excited? Or maybe you have difficulty finding words to express how you feel.

Do you know your astrological elements? It's my favorite part of astrology and why I continue to dig deeper and deeper into them! I have a handful of upcoming appointments and I would love to help you look at your stars and chart your cosmic alignment!

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