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Embody Your Cosmic Essence

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Have you seen this?

I am really excited about it 🙌🏼

You see in Human Design, my soul aura is a “projector”. My Astrology chart says I’m a Taurus sun, Gemini moon and Aries rising. I have 4 planets in Fire, 2 in Earth, 3 in Air and 1 in Water.

All of that is just data unless you know what to do with it. During the past 4 years, I’ve been trying to understand myself better. My purpose. My flaws. My talents. All of it.

This journey introduced me to three incredible women that shared my passion for self discovery. And the most amazing part, is that they share the same passion I do - Wanting to help others align with the best parts of themselves, too.

You see when we understand our true cosmic essence, we can stop fighting against ourselves and start working with ourselves.

This three hour workshop is a collaboration with some of the most talented women I know. We are combining our tools, our experience and our knowledge in order to provide the class we wish we could have taken.

There’s nothing out there that combines these modalities and these four teachers.

Join us, April 2nd and then an additional four weeks of support while you implement your tools.

Message me if you have any questions!



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