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It's okay...

I just want you to know... it's okay to be feeling every emotion right now... I think I've felt seven just making this post. I'm sitting with the polarity of it all. My heart aches for the people of Ukraine. The disgusting actions of a madman... A world I never thought I would see in modern times. I'm taking part in a free mini-retreat tomorrow with three other women I've known for lifetimes. It's sold out and I'm so excited and happy and ready to share this magic, but.... my heart aches. And tears fill my eyes. And I think I have no right to be happy right now when I should be calling my politicians, marching in the streets, taking in refugees, sending supplies, refusing to use Russian oil, learning how to hack into the tracking systems of oligarchs boats, fighting to stop the insanity... This post is just to remind you that we all are feeling this way. Our emotional well being is stretched thinner than we thought possible. I see you. You emotions, whatever they are in any given moment, are valid. #standingwithukraine #emilyandherstars

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