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June Thoughts...

In a whirlwind. That's how I feel May has left me. With my hair tousled, my heart bruised and a feeling of hush washed over me. I don't need to tell you all the national headlines, chances are you are more than aware and looking to read this as a respite for your own heart + soul.

I felt myself cocoon more in May than I was expecting. I was forced indoors by our hurricane force winds for the first couple of weeks, fires in the next, and then found myself growing quiet. Maybe I would even describe it as a bit “meh”… blah, bland, not as full of spark… I would talk to others, who said they too were feeling the call to REST without even fully understanding what kind of rest or how to best to rest. At my monthly therapy appointment, I brought up this question (can I just say how much I LOVE my therapist!) and she pointed out that rest can be as simple as the pause between breaths. That tiny moment before our lungs fill again. I liked that, but I felt myself craving more. Maybe rest is just a catchall phrase for that feeling we have when we long to be with ourselves? Maybe it's the search for that feeling when our soul is 100% connected to our bodies. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes during Reiki or a massage I can feel my body soul kind of “click back” into place. Rest for my soul, my body, my mind, my heart… “The blessing of meh…" I kept thinking that maybe I needed this rest because there was going to be another shift in the collective energy that I needed to be ready for. I took time in May to rest, to be with myself, to be with others who filled my cup and lit me up. I had guilt (a lot!) for not putting out podcast episodes, for not being in the hustle and the flow. But now that I look back, I am so grateful. Grateful that I listened to that quiet whisper within me that kept calling for rest without knowing why. The blessing of meh. It's so easy to beat ourselves up for not being in the zone, reaching for the stars or running full out all the time to prove our worthiness. I just want to give you all a gigantic permission slip right now. Slow down. You will probably feel guilty as hell at least twice. You will probably catch yourself looking at dust, chores and to-do's but do NOT let them win! They are not the boss of you! Gemini season and June are active. Air wants you to flutter around, get curious and pay attention to the things that light you up. My dear friend, how are you going to notice them, if you don't give yourself the time and space? Spirit is subtle. It very rarely hits you over the head with a giant block of wood.

This June, I invite you to explore what lights you up! What are your curious about? What have you been putting off because you just didn't have time? Allow space for rest in all it's forms. It's that space of time when you can choose to do what is best for you. Without restriction.

Now go be fabulous! There is only ONE you and I'm dying to see what lights you up!!

Your friend in rest, xoxo - Emily

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