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March 2022

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Cosmic Forecast and Newsletter

Hi friend, We've had a few difficult days in the human world. A war has broken out and it's terrifying, surreal and infuriating. We are bracing ourselves for how the events will unfold, and we are finding ourselves surrendering to the unknown, again.

Saturn in Aquarius has been a major theme in our sky, starting in March of 2020, and ending in March of 2023. What is interesting about this time period, is the similarity it has to the last time Saturn was in Aquarius, 1991, 1992, 1993. Saturn takes 29.457 years to complete a full orbit of the zodiac and as one of the largest planets in our solar system, it continues to be a big player in our lives.

In 1991, Iraq invaded Kuwait and the Soviet Union took it's first steps to dissolve. In 1992 the US was struck by category 5 Hurricane Andrew, NAFTA was signed and the US was attacked in Somalia. In 1993 we faced the siege in Waco, TX, launched the Mars rover and signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia. Yes this sounds like a history lesson, but what it shows me is that we have survived this energy before. We can do it again. Aquarius dreams of an ideal future but that future cannot happen without the breakdown of present status quo. There are things we can do to support the urgent needs of those hit hardest by the war, like donate money to the Red Cross, UNICEF or Doctors Without Borders etc. But today I just want to share some kindness and ... I don't know, life. I've read, listened to and watched a few delicious, heartbreaking and beautiful things this winter. They've changed me in big and small ways. And after the last few days, I thought I'd share these beautiful things with you as well. Maybe there's some nourishment and hope here that can help us stay grounded and imagine something beyond the maddening reality we live in now. <3 xoxo - Emily

MARCH 2022
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You may have seen some posts or stories I shared about the upcoming workshop, Embody Your Cosmic Essence. Well, we have had a moment to pivot. Instead of offering our 3 hour workshop on March 5th, we are going to be hosting a 1hr, FREE, workshop instead. We have all been affected by the energy surrounding everyone this past couple of weeks and we want to share some healing with anyone who feels called to attend. The workshop will be via Zoom and recorded for those who cannot attend: March 5th, 9am PST, 10am MST Healing, Astrology, Human Design and Integration Coaching

Did I mention FREE? Click the link above to join the meeting and if you can't attend, I'm happy to share a replay link with you.

I've been watching the new HBO series called “The Guilded Age” by Julian Fellowes. If you loved Downton Abbey, well Julian is back in this period drama focusing on New York circa 1882. For me, I love the costumes, the ambiance and the drama. A wonderful escape!

Looking for a wonderful new song for your playlist? A dear friend introduced me to this song at a local small business gathering and I'm obsessed, in all the good ways. Mother by Yaima (click to listen)

WATER (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

Keywords: intuition, cooling, flowing Incorporate Water in your self-care when: you feel like you’re “burning the candle from both ends”, your emotions feel wounded or “stuck”, you can’t seem to find a sense of flow, it’s time to release old energy and begin a new cycle, you’re feeling like a control-freak, or you feel cut off from your intuition.Watery Self-Care Suggestions: Drink some water or herbal tea, take a magical bath or shower, visit a body of water, journal, practice divination, prioritize your spiritual practice, do slow + flowing movement like stretching, have a good cry. We will continue to be under the influence of the sun in Pisces until March 20th.


This is kind of a big deal to hide so far down here, so thank you if you are still reading this! Emily + her stars officially has launched a full website!

Now you can find my instagram posts as blog posts, so if you aren't on IG, or the algorithm has hidden me from you, you can now access those on my website at any time! I will also be posting my newsletter there, as well as all my podcast episodes and fun photos that go along with them.

As you can imagine, this has been quite the undertaking, and I'm still working out some pieces. With that comes updating my offerings and while they are a work in progress and will be rolling out through the Spring.

I have some fun things cooking for February on Things That Make You Go Woo. As always, I'll start with a monthly energy report so you can align your projects and goals for the month. A new season will be starting with the beginning of Aries and the new Zodiac year, on March 20th. I'm keeping this bit a secret for now, so stay tuned!

Tiffany of Flourishing Lately and I recorded our monthly chat about the upcoming energy of March. I pulled the Dolphin energy card this month. Dolphin Spirit states that “this and that are true.” The duality of life. Light exists alongside the darkness. Spirit always amazes me! I couldn't make this up if I tried… Listen along and see what Tarot cards Tiffany pulls!

The Mediumship Sisters recorded an episode about “Being a Vessel for Spirit”.

Links to each episode are above!

Love + Light + Happiness,


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