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Star Aligned Alchemy

"We are all ghosts. We all carry inside us, people who came before us."

-Liam Callanan

Many of us are told that what happens in the past stays in the past, yet our family lineage is inescapable. Today's guest has the magic woo power of seeing into our family lineage and helping us to assimilate our cosmic bodies with our flesh bodies.

Mariana blends her training of early childhood development, mediumship, Akashic records and astrology to help you heal your lineage and inner child shadow work. It may sound heavy, but as a healer, Mariana practices the alchemy of transformation in a beautiful container of love. "Finding our innocence is what takes us back to our heart" ~Mariana, Star Aligned Alchemy

You can find Mariana here:

Instargram and Facebook @staralignedalchemy

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