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Hustling is cancelled.

It's true. Mercury Retrograde started today. You may have been feeling the shadow period for the last week+ as Mercury slowed down. What am I talking about? Computer crashed or been acting up? Did you say something and it was completely misconstrued? ⁣

Since this retrograde starts out in Aquarius, you can expect things to go a little haywire when it comes to your social-media pages, internet connection, and computer operating systems, as well as how we operate as a society.The political arena will get a bit heated during this time, which could have a negative impact on your relationships, particularly with those who have a different point of view from your own. ⁣

Taking all this into account, Mercury in Retrograde is not a scapegoat or an excuse. These three weeks ask us to slow down, (I know everyone is sick of the slowdown) but take this time to to do all the Re's you can think of. Revisit, Review, Restock, Reexamine, Renew, Replace, Reevaluate.

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