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Aquarius Season

January 20th, 2022

Another month passes as the practical sea goat is washed away by the water carrier. Aquarius is here to share all the gifts that Capricorn learned by climbing the mountain and reform society for the benefit of us all. Aquarius is a masculine sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus and is almost always mistaken for a water sign because the constellation shows a man pouring water from an urn. It's in a region of the sky known as "The Sea" because it was thought to usher in the rains and brought fertility to the lands. However, the water is also associated as electricity and in Hindu texts is referred to as the Prana or the "life-force" and breath that animates the body. While rain helps plants grow, lightning also seeds life by fertilizing the soil with nitrogen. Aquarius pours the water of life from his urn as the cosmic-life force, the carrier of creative energy and knowledge as well as purification through renewal.

Water, urns, cups and vases are symbols associated with goddesses, but Aquarius is represented by a male figure. Originally the energy of the sign may very well have been attributed to a goddess. Much of the iconography and imagery comes of course from Mesopotamia and Egypt but also in cave paintings and ancient objects as well.

In Sumer, Aquarius was called the "The Irrigator '' but prior to 2000 BC was a goddess who could heal and restore life. In Egypt the sign was associated with the god Hapi, who is seen pouring the waters of the Nile from two cups. As an androgynous god, Hapi reprsented the masculine and feminine features needed to continue life. In Greece, Aquarius has been associated with the young Trojan boy, Ganymede, who kept Zeus young with the elixir of life. Later, Hebe the goddess of eternal youth took his place, but she was replaced when she married Hercules.

Aquarius represents the need for civilization to reform and grow. The structures of society will stagnate and decline if they're not changed through vision, innovation and revolution. This process isn't always positive though, and can create unintended consequences that lead to disintegration and chaos. The version of humanity Aquarius has in their head isn't always possible in reality and so this dichotomy of knowing pain is present, but not being able remove it leaves Aquarius feeling hopeless.

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