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April Thoughts...


There's a line from Sue Monk Kidd's novel, The Book of Longings: "Bless the largeness inside me, no matter how I fear it" I've thought a lot about what my “largeness” means. Yes, my size, my opinions, my moods, my passions. Being seen in my power. Owning my largeness… even celebrating it. That's the scary part. I've always been told I'm too much. Not in the sense that I'm a too loud or that I talk too much or anything like that, although if I am, so what. Am I'm too intense, too damn serious, too weird, too smart (for my own good), too snappy with my words? That's the trouble though. One persons too much can be someone else's not enough. Some days it feels like it's a mortal sin for a woman to think anything other than critical thoughts of herself. To show up in her largeness, in whatever shape or form it comes in. I imagine you, like me, have tried to keep those unwanted parts of yourself in hiding. It hasn't worked very well, or felt very good has it…? So much of Aries season, no matter what hemisphere you are in, is about sinking deep into ourselves and finding that spark, the passion, the excitement, the largeness. When we force ourselves to stay small it hurts both mentally and physically and the pressure only builds until it explodes. Our choice is whether we let that passion flow outward from ourselves into passion and projects and things that light us up. Or do we allow it burst inward, breaking our own hearts and consuming our minds with darkness. I invite you this April, to sit with your largeness and explore your inner landscape. It doesn't matter if you do it through the elemental makeup of your birth chart, the past life karma in your Akashic records, or even just the size of your thighs. Everything about you is perfectly designed and aligned as it should be. Yours, in all of my too-muchness xoxo - Emily

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