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May Thoughts...

It's May, my favorite month of the year. Okay, I may be partial to it because it happens to be my birth month, but truly there is something special about May. Flowers and trees are bursting with life, the last day of school approaches and we get the itch to start home projects. It's a month ripe with anticipation and excitement as we prepare our outdoor spaces and plan our summer getaways. Until May 20th, we have the sun traveling through the earth sign of Taurus. Ruled by Venus, it's often seen as a sign that's a little bit soft in the middle, more concerned with a good meal, a beautiful painting and reclining in a bed a wildflowers. "Just because you are soft doesn't mean you are not a force. Honey and wildfire are both the color gold." Victoria Erickson We are so conditioned to think that slow, soft, and indulgent is bad for us, and that somehow taking the time to enjoy life is a privilege. There is even shame attached to resting. None of it is true. You are not alive to just pay bills and lose weight. As children we were constantly in awe of the magic in the world around us. We would literally drop to the ground to investigate bugs, rocks, soft carpets and even misplaced jelly beans. When we were tired, we slept and when we wanted a soft blanket, we took it with us. Imagine for one moment, what your life would look like if you never engaged with anything in the physical world. No art. No home cooked meals. No flowers. No waterfalls or rainstorms. No soft pillow to rest your head. This is what Taurus season is here to do. To remind us that we have SO MUCH around us that we take for granted. The abundance of the earthly delights is at our fingertips and yet we lament watering the flowers, doing the dishes and folding our laundry. These simple acts are the fastest way to ground your energy down into your body and the present moment. Are you avoiding them?

This May, I invite you to indulge in life. Our day-to-day routines are unsustainable if there is no pleasure at the end of them. Vacation days are meant for taking vacations without guilt, and without shame.

Dinner parties with their flickering candles and the sound of stories and laughter. The smell of browning butter in a pan just before you add the garlic. The way a sunset can look like velvet and leave you longing to touch it. The way a river stone fits in the palm of your hand like you've held it before.

Your lazy and indulgent Taurus, xoxo - Emily

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